Gold For Senior!

Senior Architectural Systems (SAS) won a top prize at the Construction Marketing Awards, marking the launch of the company’s first Aluminium Day!

SAS was presented the award for Best Social Media Campaign, in recognition for an online event hosted in March 2019. 

Aluminium Day was launched in order to raise awareness of the versatility of the metal. As well as celebrating the success and skills of those who work with the material.

Plans are now underway for the next Aluminium Day event to be held on the 13th of March. This particular date works great for the Aluminium Day event. Due to aluminium being the third most abundant metal and its atomic number is 13.

The event had a huge impact on the industry via social media. Using the hashtag #AluminiumDay, and brought together numerous supply-chain partners and customers. Through this hashtag, everyone got the opportunity to share their own message with a much wider audience.