Keeping Your Office Cool In The Summer

Air conditioning units, fans and chillers keep your office cool during hot summer months. However, they are not energy-efficient and you might notice a rise in the electricity bill. There are, in fact, simpler ways to keep your office cool without pushing your bills up. 

Using windows wisely is a simple way to keep an office cool. Opening windows regularly, for instance, increases air circulation. And having the windows upstairs open will allow heat to escape, as it tends to accumulate in the upper floors. The end result is a cool atmosphere around the building.  

Double glazing is often associated with keeping the office well-insulated during colder months. But if offers more than that: it keeps hot air out during summer months. Double-glazed windows prevent external heat from entering in the building. This is a highly energy-efficient way to suppress energy bills down. 

Blinds can also keep the office cool during summer. Closed blinds stop sun rays from heating the room up. And once the sun does not directly shoots the room, open the blinds and let light flood in.  

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