Making the right choice

It can be difficult choosing between double and triple glazing when you are looking to replace your windows. Both have their own benefits, so it is more down to personal preference. 

Triple glazing is exactly what is sounds like, it contains three panes of glass within a sealed frame. In between the panes of glass you will either find air or insulating gas such as argon. 

Triple glazing is most popular in cooler climates due to the high level of insulation it provides. However it is becoming increasingly popular in the UK due the fact it is so good at insulating your house keeping those energy bills down. 

Double glazing does the exact same thing however it is only two panes of glass, meaning that it will insulate your house but just not as well as triple glazing. 

When it comes to summer, some people find that some rooms in the house can get unbearably warm.‘solar gains’ in glass can help to reduce this heat through temperature control. the lower the percentage, the more effective the window is at controlling the temperature. You can determine how well a window is at solar gains by its g-value. The lower the percentage, the more effective the window is at controlling the temperature. 

So all in all, you have the way up the pros and cons of what you are looking for your window to provide you. By choosing double glaze you will get the same benefits as triple but they won’t be as noticeable. It is also the cheaper option of the two. Where as triple glazing is more expensive, it will save you more money later on down the line. To make the right decision for yourself you also need to way up the age of your house and how well it is insulated already, if its poor then you might not want to waste money on triple glazing. 

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