Office Installations And How You Should Prepare

Whether you are looking into replacement doors and/or windows, there are a few things you should know that can help you get through the process of office installations with little stress.

  • So you have already contacted us and scheduled your installation, you should meet with your builder and walk through your office to discuss every window or door and this can help identify what area needs to be clear to allow the builders access for the installation.
  • Next, make sure you have removed any obstacles and ensure clear access to make sure the builders have plenty of room to work before they arrive. It gets very dusty when removing windows, you may want to remove lampshade and over items too.
  • Ensure you have items that you’ve been asked to provide, this gives you the opportunity to ensure that your property is ready for installation.
  • Bi-Fold doors are normally fitted to an external wall, so if you have these installed, removed any plant pots, or any items you have on the patio. Good clearance on all sides is a must for builders to install quickly.
  • Make sure you provide full access to your front door, otherwise how else will the installers start the installation! Make sure your pets are safely out the way, we suggest locked in a room or crate or safely on a leash.
  • Clear the space outside on your driveway for all of the builder’s equipment and a place for their vehicles, and possibly would have you ask you to arrange a parking permit if you have street parking only.
  • Keep outlets free for any power tools our builders use.  
  • When having windows replaced, it is advisable that you are dressed to stay warm as it does cause draughts while the builders work. It can take an hour for windows to be removed and then installed so it can take some time.
  • For a full office installment for windows and doors on average can take up one day.
  • Our final piece of advice, try to stay office during the works. This means our builders can demonstrate the operation of your product and check that you are happy once we have completed it.

If you encounter any issues with your newly installed windows and doors call us on 01787 477 976.