Secrets To Designing A Breathtaking Entrance

Do you plan to make your business noticed?

Start with your building! A stunning entrance for 2019 could be the best investment, along with top-notch bi-folding doors. The trend stretches from the business to the residential market, too, with homeowners now looking to bring nature closer. 

Choosing aluminium bi-folds, as they are called, for your company’s entrance, makes it visually appealing. A wall of glass doors, for instance, makes everything slick and tidy. And, accompanied by attractive aluminium frames with personalised colour and style, finishes off the look. 

It’s all well having a good looking door, but what if it’s not strong and durable? Luckily, aluminium frames are both light and strong.

By and large, when door size increases, so does the potential for major energy loss. However, since most businesses’ doors are kept closed all night, this warms up the building. Come morning, the heat is already trapped inside because aluminium doors are thermally efficient. 

Large bi-folding doors are convenient for disabled access, too. The doors open up a whole wall side, making it simple and stress-free for wheelchair users or anyone else needing easy access.  

Another benefit is that these doors let natural light in. Aluminium bi-folds also make it a lot easier to open up in summer but they are also really good at keeping the heat in!

At C&A Window Systems Ltd we install aluminium products, ensuring high quality and a seamless finish.

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