The Next Generation of Aluminium Doors and Windows

Our trusted partner, Reynaers Aluminium Ltd, that has supplied us for years with outstanding-quality aluminium products. Together we created the next-generation series of window systems and doors.

Furthermore, MasterLine 8 combines the latest-technology. Subsequently to produce windows with ultimate thermal insulation, air-and-water tightness and daylight performance. They are produced with high speed, and mirror the current trend towards maximising daylight.

Additionally, the series can also be integrated with the existing CP130 and CP155 sliding door range and the CW50 curtain walling. They all come as inward and outward opening glass-and-panel, highly-insulated and robust flush doors 

Having previously stated, MasterLine 8 doors are extremely durable and are accompanied with a Passive Housing certificate–the world’s leading standard in energy efficiency, requiring very little energy to achieve comfortable temperature all year around. Consequently, MasterLine doors feature air tightness and excellent thermal performance, along with a class-3 burglar resistance and weight up to 250kg. 

The Future Is Here

Standard, high-Insulation and high-insulation+ are the three industry-leading insulation layers from which customers can choose, which retain and reflect heat. These features bring window U-values down to 0.64W/m2K. Besides, customers can choose from five design variations: functional, renaissance, deco, hidden vent and balcony boor. 

Their outstanding sealing properties (water tightness of 900Pa and reduced air loss at 600Pa air pressure), make them ideal for British weather’s elements. 

The process of manufacturing aluminium doors and windows is complicated, and highly technical. The public rarely takes notice of what is happening behind the scenes and sophisticated methods and machinery of aluminium manufacturers

To create an aluminium miracle, the aluminium goes through several processes, and MasterLine 8 is the latest form of advanced aluminium products supplied by Reanaer Ltd.

At C&A Window Systems Ltd we partner with Reynaers to offer our customers top-notch products that stand the test of time. Back-up and supported by industry giants, our clientele always enjoys supreme quality and services.

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