Whistling Windows

The creepy whistling noise you hear coming from your windows on a cold windy night is, in fact, a telltale sign that your windows need maintenance. When strong winds pass through narrow gaps on your windows, they cause a whistling-like noise effect. Simply put, your window frames wear down. 

Low-quality aluminium could warp after some years. And once frames become deformed, they lose their sealing properties, thus letting air pass through gaps. As the sealing strip of the window ages, it loses its airtight properties and air passes through the cracks. This is when whistles occur! Customers, subsequently, should opt for high-quality aluminium products.

To prevent everything from the outset, and before windows are installed, ensure that all gaps between the frames and walls are sealed. This way, you solidify them and stop rainwater and wind come through. 

The best way to insulate traditional double-glazed windows is to fill wood chips between the two glass panels. The wood chips absorb excessive moisture and block the cold air from the lower part of the window.

To close large gaps between the wall and window frames, clean the gaps thoroughly first. Then use polystyrene to fill in the gaps–sand and paint if necessary. If the gaps are on the window frames themselves, you can apply plastic strips. 

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