Reynaers bifold doors – which is best?

How do the two different Reynaers bifold doors, the CF77 and the CF68, compare? Both of these two models by Reynears give you all the benefits of a bifold, such as opening up the entire opening, connecting the room to the patio area, excellent security and energy efficiency. However, they differ in bifold panel size capability, thermal performance and other features. The CF77 and the CF68 bi-folding doors were compared and explained.

The two Reynaers bifold doors explained.

Reynaers bifold doors showing the CF77 model in a house lobby

Whether you choose the CF77 or the CF68, you get many excellent features as standard. First is the outstanding product engineering for which Reynaers aluminium bifold doors are synonymous. Great profile design and quality, deep thermal bread for insulation, an excellent wall thickness, and a professionally applied colour finish.

Also provided to these two bifolds is the high-quality bifold door hardware. From the rollers and guides, the locking systems, sealing, insulation and overall protective features, any of these two bifold door models, expertly crafted by us and professionally installed, promise reliability, everyday functionality and high performance.

These bifold doors are supplied through a carefully selected network of Reynaers manufacturers, and we are proud to be one of these. We make all our Reynaers products. and our general folding sliding doors range.

Both CF77 and CF68 folding sliding doors give you the popular features only this door design can offer. The door panels can slide and fold to the left or the right, or both ways, open inwards or outwards and come with the traffic door option for convenience and with substantial colour options. You can further personalise Reynaers bifold doors with different glass types, integral blinds and door handle designs and colours.

Reynaers CF77 bifold doors

bifolding doors in a contemporary house

Choose the Reynaers CF77; this product comes with two mullion sightline options where the panels meet. The standard CF77 has a 144mm sightline; you can specify the CF77-SL that’s 121mm. As the name suggests, the frame depth is 77mm, making this model ideal for replacement door installations where the outgoing frames are typically around 75-80mm deep. This door offers up to eight folding panels, whereas the CF68 comes at a maximum of seven.

An enhanced security model meets current security standards and comes with excellent air, water and wind resistance.

Key Features of the CF77:

  • Panel sizes up to 1200mm wide and 3000mm high
  • Up to 63mm thick triple glazing
  • Four threshold options
  • Fixed or open corner option

Reynaers CF68 bifold doors

Reynaers bifolding doors in a new extension, partially concertina opening

For more standard size openings and with slightly thinner overall frame sightlines is the Reynaers CF68, and it comes with a 68mm frame depth, also making it suitable for new build openings. The mullion sightlines for CF68 are 131mm making this model slightly slimmer than the CF77 standard design.

The slimmer frames you get with CF68 also make it more energy-efficient, so if your project requires lower U-Values, this is an excellent choice. For more information on the CF68 model, visit Our CF68 Bifold Doors. This door also comes with four different threshold options.

Key Features of the CF68:

  • Panel sizes up to 1000mm wide and 2500mm high
  • Up to 55mm thick triple glazing
  • Even lower best U-Value of 1.1Wm2K
  • Fixed or open-corner design

Low thresholds on Reynaers bifold doors explained

drawing showing four reynaers bifold doors threshold options

Very few folding sliding systems on the market give you more than two threshold options. For example, our trade-friendly Alutech model comes with just one fully weather-sealed type. CF77 and CF68 bi-folding doors come with four different options, depending on where you’re using these.

The CF77 threshold choices are a fully flat version, ideal for internal applications where you want the floors on either side of the bifold door set to be flush with no weather rating. There’s a low threshold design, suitable for commercial environments and a double weather-sealed design, with some level of weather protection. There’s then the fully weathered design with a High-Performance option.

The CF68 has a flush threshold with a double ramp, ideal for commercial applications and wheelchair accessibility. The Low threshold suits sheltered installations and internal use. The double weather seal and high-performance versions give you the full weather protection you want for external door sets.

CF77 and CF68 bifold doors – summary

Choose the CF77 when you want larger panel sizes, have a larger bifold aperture and want a choice of mullion sightlines and thicker glass units.

The CF68 is your go-to product for standard-size openings when you don’t need wider or taller panels, and the standard 131mm sightline is fine for your project.

At C&A Window Systems, we provide trade supply only Reynaers bifold doors or a fully installed service through our network of approved installers. Contact us today for a quotation, our lead times on bi-folding doors, and our overall range of aluminium windows and doors from Reynaers, Senior Architectural Systems and Alutech Systems.

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Bifold doors frequently asked questions

Our Reynaers bi-folding doors meet the requirements of both commercial and residential projects. Answers to our popular questions about bifolding doors.

Why are bifold doors going out of fashion?

Some reasons often cited for the waning popularity of bifold doors include their reduced glass usage compared to sliding doors. While sliding doors boast slender frames, bifold designs prioritize durability and incorporate more hardware. This translates to enhanced home security, with multi-point locks and a tamper-resistant in-line slider that thwarts break-ins.
Unlike sliding doors, bifold models can neatly tuck away into corners, seamlessly connecting your home to the outdoors while maintaining safety. A concern raised about bifold doors is their cost, which can initially appear high. In contrast, more budget-friendly options like French doors exist. However, these alternatives may not elevate your property’s value as significantly and could offer inferior performance.
Modern bifold doors utilize advanced double glazing and offer a choice between sturdy uPVC or robust aluminium frames. Furthermore, the design of bifold doors has proven to increase property value, potentially resulting in a higher resale price. Bifold doors provide an all-encompassing solution to modern living. With uPVC or aluminium frames, they establish an efficient entry that can replace a wall while maintaining insulation. The sleek design ensures unobstructed views of the surroundings.
Beyond their impressive open configuration, bifold doors excel when closed. They provide a fully weatherproof, airtight, and watertight barrier that enhances insulation, warmth, and energy savings.

What are the disadvantages of bifold doors?

Cleaning and Maintenance Challenges: Both bifold doors and sliding doors present difficulties in cleaning the tracks. Bifold doors, with their multiple folding layers, can be especially challenging to clean. This cleaning issue stands out as the primary drawback of Bi-fold Glass Doors. Over time, the flexibility of the hardware within the central fold can deteriorate. Moreover, when these larger doors are folded or ‘open,’ they occupy a significant amount of space.
Accessibility Challenges: A notable inconvenience of bi-fold doors is the hindrance they create when moving from one side to the other. Opening the entire door can introduce a rush of freezing air, particularly troublesome during winter. While this might not be an issue if an alternate access door is nearby, it could pose a problem if such a door is unavailable. Addressing this, certain bi-fold door models, such as the one offered by Cover Glass, include an additional panel at the door’s end to facilitate easy movement in and out. Our system opens from both extreme ends, customizable to open inward or outward, granting you full control over its operation.
Absence of Threshold: Folding glass doors lacks a raised threshold, which is advantageous for safety. However, improper fitting can lead to issues. Inadequate drainage can result in water accumulation due to the low level of bifold doors. Cover Glass has anticipated this concern, ensuring proper drainage with weep holes at the system’s base and UV-protected weather strips between panels to ensure a secure seal.
Frame Abundance: Bifold doors are characterized by numerous frames, with each folding pane having its own frame. This can slightly obstruct the view when the doors are closed. To mitigate this, frames can be designed to be as slim as possible. Alternatively, the option of going frameless exists. Cover Glass provides frameless glass doors that our customers highly appreciate. The transformative impact of eliminating frames on a home’s appearance is remarkable. It imparts a genuinely open and inviting ambience that framed systems cannot achieve.

What is better than a bifold door?

Bifold doors, known for bringing the outdoors inside, have gained immense popularity. To differentiate them from sliding doors, consider their features. Bifold doors fold back in a concertina style, composed of connected panels that run on concealed tracks. Sliding doors consist of large glass panes that slide sideways. The key distinction lies in bifold doors requiring space for panels to stack, unlike sliding doors. Bifold doors offer full openness, expanding indoor-outdoor space. Sliding doors usually open partially, though pocket doors can enhance this. Sliding doors grant more control, with options for slight breezes to full outdoor access. Aesthetically, sliding doors provide larger glass areas and more natural light. Bifold doors have visible vertical frames when closed. Thresholds vary, with bifold doors allowing flush or low thresholds, facilitating accessibility. Costs are similar unless doors are large, whereas sliding doors become costlier due to glass units. Thermally, sliding doors are more efficient due to less frame. Both types can comply with insulation standards. Bifold and sliding doors are light, easy to use, and available in various materials. Personal preference plays a role in choosing between them.

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