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  • Reynaers bifold doors – which is best?

    How do the two different Reynaers bifold doors, the CF77 and the CF68, compare? Both of these two models by Reynears give you all the benefits of a bifold, such as opening up the entire opening, connecting the room to the patio area, excellent security and energy efficiency. However, they differ in bifold panel size capability, thermal performance and other features.

    The CF77 and the CF68 bifolding doors compared and explained.

    The two Reynaers bifold doors explained

    Reynaers bifold doors showing the CF77 model in a house lobby

    Whether you choose the CF77 or the CF68, you get many excellent features as standard. First is the outstanding product engineering for which Reynaers bifold doors are synonymous. Great profile design and quality, deep thermal bread for insulation, an excellent wall thickness, and a professionally applied colour finish.

    Also provided to these two bifolds is the high quality bifold door hardware. From the rollers and guides, the locking systems, sealing, insulation and overall protective features, any of these two bifold door models, expertly crafted by us and professionally installed, promise reliability, everyday functionality and high performance.

    Reynaers bifold doors are supplied through a carefully selected network of Reynaers manufacturers, and we are proud to be one of these. We make all our Reynaers products. and our general folding sliding doors range.

    Both CF77 and CF68 folding sliding doors give you the popular features only this door design can offer. The door panels can slide and fold to the left or the right, or both ways, open inwards or outwards and come with the traffic door option for convenience and with substantial colour options. You can further personalise Reynaers bifold doors with different glass types, integral blinds and door handle designs and colours.

    Reynaers CF77 bifold doors

    bifolding doors in a contemporary house

    Choose the Reynaers CF77; this product comes with two mullion sightline options where the panels meet. The standard CF77 has a 144mm sightline; you can specify the CF77-SL that’s 121mm. As the name suggests, the frame depth is 77mm, making this model ideal for replacement door installations where the outgoing frames are typically around 75-80mm deep. This door offers up to eight folding panels, whereas the CF68 comes at a maximum of seven.

    An enhanced security model meets current security standards and comes with excellent air, water and wind resistance.

    Key Features of the CF77:

    • Panel sizes up to 1200mm wide and 3000mm high
    • Up to 63mm thick triple glazing
    • Four threshold options
    • Fixed or open corner option

    Reynaers CF68 bifold doors

    Reynaers bifold doors in a modern large house

    For more standard size openings and with slightly thinner overall frame sightlines is the Reynaers CF68, and it comes with a 68mm frame depth, also making it suitable for new build openings. The mullion sightlines for CF68 are 131mm making this model slightly slimmer than the CF77 standard design.

    The slimmer frames you get with CF68 also make it more energy-efficient, so if your project requires lower U-Values, this is an excellent choice. This door also comes with four different threshold options.

    Key Features of the CF68:

    • Panel sizes up to 1000mm wide and 2500mm high
    • Up to 55mm thick triple glazing
    • Even lower best U-Value of 1.1Wm2K
    • Fixed or open corner design

    Low thresholds on Reynaers bifold doors explained

    drawing showing four reynaers bifold doors threshold options

    Very few folding sliding systems on the market give you more than two threshold options. For example, our trade-friendly Alutech model comes with just one fully weather-sealed type. CF77 and CF68 bifolding doors come with four different options, depending on where you’re using these.

    The CF77 threshold choices are a fully flat version, ideal for internal applications where you want the floors on either side of the bifold door set to be flush with no weather rating. There’s a low threshold design, suitable for commercial environments and a double weather-sealed design, with some level of weather protection. There’s then the fully weathered design with a High Performance option.

    The CF68 has a flush threshold with a double ramp ideal for commercial applications and wheelchair accessibility. The Low threshold suits sheltered installations and internal use. The double weather seal and high-performance versions give you the full weather protection you want for external door sets.

    CF77 and CF68 bifold doors – summary

    Choose the CF77 when you want larger panel sizes, have a larger bifold aperture, and want a choice of mullion sightlines and thicker glass units.

    The CF68 is your go-to product for standard size openings when you don’t need wider or taller panels, and the standard 131mm sightline is fine for your project.

    At C&A Window Systems, we provide trade supply only Reynaers bifold doors or a fully installed service through our network of approved installers. Contact us today for a quotation, our lead times on bifolding doors, and our overall range of aluminium windows and doors from Reynaers, Senior Architectural Systems and Alutech Systems.

  • A complete guide to Reynaers Sliding Doors

    Whether you’re looking to replace a dated set of patio doors or need the most suitable ones for an extension, Reynaers sliding doors are some of the best. The brand reputation, profile and design quality, and exemplary specifications make Reynaers sliding doors ideal for any setting.

    In this guide to the full Reynaers range of sliding patio doors, we tell you about the different products, where they differ and where you might want to consider them for your home improvement project.

    An overview of the Reynaers sliding doors range

    The sliding patio doors collection by Reynaers comprises six different models. These all provide different sightlines, styling, functionality and specifications. Moreover, whichever sliding door you choose does give you some features as standard.

    All Reynaers aluminium doors come with insulated aluminium profiles, a flawless powder coated finish and made by us at C&A Window Systems, first class manufacturing quality, fit and finish. You’ll find double and triple glazing available across most products and premium locking features.

    Your choice of sliding door depends on a few factors as all models differ.

    • The configuration of your doors and how many panels slide
    • The sightlines you prefer, standard, slim or ultra-slim
    • Whether your doors are for standard or larger opening sizes
    • If an open corner design is required
    • The budget allowed for the glazing element of a project

    Reynaers CP130

    reynaers cp130 sliding doors in a modern villa

    When you need a high quality aluminium sliding door but at a more mid-range price, Reynaers CP130 is comes highly recommended. This model suits more standard openings, available at a height of up to 2.7m high. You can choose an inline or lift and slide operation and the choice of a single, double or triple track. They also come in an open corner design.

    Key Features of the CP130:

    • Panel sizes up to 2600mm wide and 2700mm high
    • Interlock/Mullion sightline 69mm or 98mm
    • Inline or lift and slide model
    • Lowest U-Value of 1.1Wm2K
    • Single, double or triple tracks and open corner

    Reynaers CP155

    luxury home with bronze reynaers cp155 sliding doors

    The CP155 sliding door is your go-to door when you want similar features to the CP155 but with higher specifications. The panels sizes go wider and taller, U-Values are lower and the door suits specifications often required for low energy buildings.

    Key Features of the CP155:

    • Panel sizes up to 2700mm wide and 3000mm high
    • Interlock/Mullion sightline 76mm or 102mm
    • Inline or lift and slide model
    • Even lower best U-Value of 1.07Wm2K
    • Single or double tracks on standard insulation models

    Reynaers CP68

    One of the more recent products in the Reynaers sliding doors range is CP68. Choose this door when you want smaller profile sightlines, the latest high specifications or minimal visible aluminium with its slim mullion. You also get the legendary Reynaers insulation and weather protection. CP68 is designed for more standard size door openings and is delivered fully glazed.

    Key Features of the CP68:

    • Panel sizes up to 2500mm high
    • Interlock/Mullion sightline 34mm
    • Inline sliding model, with wraparound design.
    • U-Values vary depending on the profile combination chosen
    • Single, double or triple tracks

    Reynaers MasterPatio

    reynaers masterpatio sliding doors in a living room with lake view

    The newest contemporary sliding door solution for modern homes and where maximum use of glass is essential to the project design, is served with Reynaers MasterPatio. Choose this door when you want even taller sliding doors with the slimmest possible frame profiles.

    Key Features of the Reynaers MasterPatio:

    • Panel sizes up to 3000mm wide and 3600mm high
    • Interlock/Mullion sightline 50mm
    • Inline sliding model
    • Integrates with other Reynaers systems
    • Single or double tracks and open corner

    Reynaers SlimPatio68

    black reynaers sliding patio doors in a new home

    Designed for reduced visible sightlines for new build openings only and with a concealed frame design. Reynaers SlimPatio 68 is ultra-slim, modern and aesthetically excellent. When you want minimal-looking sliding doors, SlimPatio 68 is ideal.

    Key Features of the SlimPatio 68:

    • Panel sizes up to 2700mm high
    • Interlock/Mullion sightline 34mm
    • Inline sliding
    • Even lower best U-Value of 1.2Wm2K
    • Designed for new openings with a hidden frame

    Reynaers Hi-Finity

    hi finity reynaers sliding doors in a beach house

    The top of the range product in the Reynaers sliding doors range is Hi-Finity. Hi-Finity as the desirable aesthetics of architectural glazing, minimalist hardware and everything about this door is designed to look sleek. It’s the perfect product for the high-end property project or discerning customer that wants a top-of-the-line sliding door for their project. These doors also come with automatic opening if required and at extreme sizes on the widths and heights.

    Key Features of the Hi-Finity:

    • Panel sizes up to 3500mm wide and 4000mm high
    • Interlock/Mullion sightline 35mm
    • Inline sliding only
    • Even lower best U-Value of 1.0Wm2K
    • Single, double or triple tracks and open corner

    How many sliding door tracks are best?

    large Senior Architectural PURe slide doors with on a riverside house

    The number of tracks you need on your patio door determine how many panels of the door set slide. Monorail is our single track offering where a two or three module sliding door has just one track with the door sliding behind a fixed panel.

    The double or 2 rail option is suitable for two, three or four panel doors. Either of a two panel door set slides, Three panel doors can have two panels sliding to the middle or a central leaf behind a fixed pane. Four panel doors can openings in a biparting way or each panel independently moving.

    The triple track design suits three panel doors where all can stack on the one side.

    Double or Triple Glazed Reynaers Sliding Doors – what is best?

    There’s no doubt, today’s high performance double glazed units provide excellent insulation when combined with the thermally broken frames, excellent design and extensive sealing of Reynaers sliding doors.

    With changes to the Building Regulations in 2022, new and replacement doors should be more energy efficient than ever before. Full information on the changes to Part L can be found here.

    You can still meet the new Building Regulations by using high-performance double glazed units. Some products may require triple glazing – contact us for more information and advice on this.

    However, triple glazing can offer these additional benefits over double glazing.

    • Better acoustics and overall sound insulation
    • Improved glass security with three panes of safety glass rather than two
    • Futureproofing your doors

    Customising Reynaers sliding doors

    Of course, a premium sliding door brand like Reynaers comes several personalisation options.

    First of all is the choice of sliding door design, the number of panels and how you wish them to slide. Then comes the choice of colour and there are over 150 to choose from.

    One of the best features about Reynaers patio doors is their handles and we think they are the best available of any sliding door on the market. Designed with luxurious materials in a choice of finishes and beautiful styling, the Contour range of handles by Reynaers are not only elegant to look at, but easy to use and complement the door perfectly.

    Getting a low threshold on sliding doors

    Any of the Reynaers sliding door models are available with a low track as the height of this is usually arranged with your builder or installer.

    Some models come with a choice of tracks, again achieving a low or flush threshold without loss of weather protection. We can explain all the various options when you get in touch with us.

    Get a quote today an more information on Reynaers sliding doors

    A premier Reynaers partner and manufacturer, C&A Window Systems can help architects, construction professionals, glazing installers, and end-user clients create better projects with Reynaers aluminium doors and windows.

    Contact us today for more information, to get a quotation or let us help you create the best renovation or new build project using Reynaers sliding doors.

  • A complete guide to Commercial Entrance Doors

    Our range of high quality commercial entrance doors suits a wide variety of buildings depending upon their intended use. Each comes with a variety of functions and features designed to provide entrance doors, fire exit doors, security doors, personnel doors, plant room doors and much more. In this guide to commercial entrance doors, we explain the types they come in and how you can use them

    What is the difference between a commercial door and a residential door?

    commercial entrance doors and screens to an office building

    Commercial entrance doors are designed for the significantly higher traffic of any public building. Shops, offices, entrance doors to apartment buildings, factory doors and doors in schools are just some examples of doors in constant use during the day. Our doors at home are at best opened and closed around ten times a day. Commercial doors are opened many hundreds of times some even having several thousand opening and closing cycles.

    Schools are an excellent example of where you need an entirely different door to the ones we provide to dwellings. Consider break times and the end of the day in a school. Hundreds of pupils stream through the doors, all opening them in different ways.

    Simply put, the construction, design and hardware in commercial entrance doors is designed for higher traffic and use. They, therefore, need to be reliable and provide long service life.

    Another difference between commercial and residential doors is the hardware used and the function many need to provide.

    Public doors need to be accessible and easy to use for disabled users. These doors may also require specific safety or security functions. Fire exit doors must allow occupants to exit the building fast. Access control doors are designed to stay locked and secure at all times, only letting in authorised users.

    Main doors to apartment buildings must let in the homeowner or tenant, yet ensure all day long security. Shop doors should make entering the premises easy and welcoming. None of these features is available with residential doors.

    What is a commercial grade door?

    A commercial grade door is a heavier duty, more robust door, designed for the specific use of a building and one that must withstand a higher amount of traffic. In public buildings especially, not everyone knows how a door works.

    Another feature of a commercial grade or commercial entrance door, therefore, is making it simple to understand for building users and first-time visitors to premises, especially in an emergency situation.

    What material are commercial doors?

    panic bars on grey commercial entrance doors

    Aluminium is by far the most fit-for-purpose material when buying commercial doors. You’ll see PVCu doors in some shops or offices. These are not recommended for heavy use and many are unsuitable for the range of specialist hardware commercial doors often need.

    You’ll also find commercial grade doors in steel when you want the best possible material strength, fire protection or improved acoustics. These are specialist commercial door products.

    We do not recommend PVCu doors in anything other than a dwelling.

    How do you choose a commercial door?

    C&A Window Systems provide numerous options for commercial entrance doors and screens and can help you choose the right type for your project or client. Each of our commercial door types is available opening in, out or even both ways with some models. Here are the typical types of commercial entrance doors available.

    Anti finger trap doors

    doors in a cafe with anti-finger trap hinge stile

    Our range of anti-finger trap commercial entrance doors offers a round hinge stile to protect users from a finger trap situation at the hinge sides. Available with either concealed hold open or non hold open closers or adjustable top centres they are ideal for schools, hospitals or any kind of building.

    Additionally, for doors fitted with full-width panic bars, a special panic bar anti-finger trap stile is available allowing the hardware to fit correctly to this alternative door stile.

    Whilst anti-finger trap doors are not a legal requirement, they are a best-practice door and recommended for most commercial door installations.

    Centre hung doors

    Centre hung doors are designed to work with concealed overhead closers and low thresholds. Available as single or double doors they can also open in, out or both ways.

    Rebated doors.

    Rebated doors are ideal for plant rooms, storage rooms or for where extra weathering on doors may be required.

    Rebated doors use generally the same profiles as centre hung doors but come with a rebated frame, face fixed overhead closers and door hinges. These too provide reliable commercial entrance doors but are mostly recommended in other building areas rather than the main entrance.

    Automatic Doors

    automatic entrance doors to a museum at night

    All our commercial doors can be prepared to accept or supplied with automatic operation. Available as automatic swing or sliding doors, they provide access solutions to any building where assistance with door opening is required.

    Louvre Doors

    blue aluminium louvre doors

    Where a reliable heavy-duty door is required with ventilation, our range of rebated or centre hung doors is available with a choice of louvres. Designed for plant rooms, heating and ventilation rooms or any kind of secure room with permanent airflow.

    Trade supply commercial entrance doors – get a quote today

    All our commercial doors come fully fabricated, with all hardware fitted where applicable. Cills, beads and any other ancillary section is also supplied cut to size. Door closers, panic bars and other hardware comes with full adjustment or fixing instructions where required.

    For unglazed doors, we also provide wedge and captive gaskets as well as glass packers and any other accessories required. And don’t forget our entire range of doors is compatible with our full range of framing systems.

    Available at competitive prices and lead times, you can choose from any of the many colours available from the leading powder manufacturers. We can provide power coated doors using colour ranges from Akzo Nobel, Interpon Paints, Syntha Pulvin or BS colour ranges. On special order we also offer a range of metallic and specialist colours and dual colour options to our thermally broken commercial doors.

    Contact us today for a quotation.

  • A Complete Guide To Buying Reynaers Aluminium Windows

    C&A Window Systems are a premier manufacturer of the class-leading Reynaers system, and a large part of our range is Reynaers aluminium windows. With the top-of-the-line design, outstanding quality, high-end components and suitable for residential or commercial projects, Reynaers aluminium windows are some of the best. This guide explains the range of Reynaers windows we manufacture and supply and how they differ, helping you specify and choose the right type for your project.

    The choices when buying Reynaers aluminium windows

    house image illustrating buying Reynaers Aluminium Windows

    Our range of four different Reynaers aluminium windows is carefully chosen to offer our trade, architect and retail clients the best possible choice for general window replacements and windows for new openings, extensions, or new homes.

    All the Reynaers window ranges meet building and client requirements for security, energy efficiency, weather sealing and even acoustics. The choice, therefore, depends on the styling you need and if you have any specific requirements as part of your specification. You can always get in touch and let us help you choose the right product.

    As standard, you can expect the best quality aluminium profiles, insulated with a quality thermal break. In addition, whichever colour you choose for your Reynaers aluminium windows, you are assured of a professionally applied coating to the highest standards and accreditations associated with the colouring and finishing of aluminium.

    Also coming a standard are the numerous components and accessories that bring the luxurious range of Reynaers aluminium windows together. All locks, seals, gaskets, handles, corner assembly components and many more are of the best possible quality, some designed and crafted specifically for the products. Of course, glass forms a significant part of any window, and these come from professional glass processors and unit manufacturers.

    Therefore, with the assurance that all products have high specifications, we explain the various available ranges.

    Reynaers Slimline 68 aluminium windows.

    reynaers slimline 68 windows in a new white rendered house

    Designed to create slim and modern outward opening windows, Reynaers SlimLine 68 suits residential properties or commercial developments of high-quality homes.

    Reynaers Slimline 68 benefits from a substantial range of design options, very slim frames, and the choice of double or triple glazing. You can have a combination of fixed or opening elements. Notably, the larger size capability of this system creates more modern-looking windows without the need for additional mullions or transoms. For example, opening vents go up to 1.2m wide and up to 1.5m high.

    This brand of windows offers some of the best window energy ratings or low U-Values and all the window requirements dwellings require, such as fire escape or easy clean hinges.

    A range of architectural quality window handles in a choice of luxurious finishes adds to the end-use appeal of this system.

    Reynaers Slimline 38

    modern house sketch illustrating Reynaers SlimLine 38 windows

    Designed to replace existing metal windows or where your clients or building requires authentically styled windows in the steel-look, Reynaers SlimLine 38 are unlike any other heritage, Art-Deco and industrial styled window on the market, and we also think better.

    Unlike the SlimLine 68, this model in the Reynaers aluminium windows range comes as outward or inward opening windows, including fixed modules. When buying Reynaers aluminium windows in the SlimLIne 38 range, you get super slim windows with beautiful lines and overall styling. Then you can enhance them with the benefit of the period glazing bars giving the grid-like pattern typical of classic steel windows and industrial glazing such as New York screens.

    Unlike other steel-look systems on the market, giving you only one frame style, Reynaers Slimline 38 has three. The intent behind these is not only to offer more choice. As the style of old metal windows can vary, Classic, Cubic, and Ferro, therefore, provide a solution if you prefer the traditional steel look or prefer a more modern look. In addition, of course, the option exists to design these windows without the glazing bars, giving full glass panels within a remarkably slim aluminium window system.

    Reynaers SlimLine 38 is packed with modern window technology, again giving low U-Values, double or triple glazing and tested to the latest security standards despite its period styling.

    The exemplary engineering behind these windows creates opening modules up to an incredible 2.8m high whilst retaining thin proportions. When buying Reynaers aluminium windows, this outstanding window is one of the best.

    Reynaers CS77 Aluminium Windows

    new luxury home when buying Reynaers CS77 windows

    Another high specification window to consider when buying Reynaers aluminium windows range is CS77, also coming with complementary front, side or rear doors. CS77 comes with bolder styling and slightly larger frame lines as a result. It’s ideal for residential property projects as a replacement or new window and just as effective in commercial buildings. This product in the Reynaers aluminium windows range comes in numerous opening options, including inward or outward opening, reversible pivot and tilt and turn.

    Depending on the opening direction of the window, you get the choice of three different window styles. The Functional collection of profiles provides the most minimal styling with a desirable flatline appearance. CS77 Softline has rounded internal glazing beads and an external frame profile. The result is a more rounded window that works best in older properties. Finally, CS77 Hidden Vent places the opening element behind the outer frame, mullions and transoms, making the window look seamless from the outside.

    Overall, Reynaers CS77 is a multi-functional window suitable for residential or commercial property. For specific buildings, there is even a bullet and fire-resistant model.

    Security, energy efficiency, and acoustics with the right component combinations are all first-class with this product.

    The window handles provided with Reynaers CS77 aluminium windows are first class with a luxurious feel, ultra-modern, and innovative coatings that also provide texture.

    Reynaers MasterLine 8

    new grey aluminium windows in a dining room concept setting

    For high-end contemporary homes and for architects looking to specify the ultimate glazing system, also benefitting from expansive glass, MasterLine 8 is innovative, luxurious and provides class-leading design and overall performance.

    Where property projects require larger glass panels, floor-to-ceiling glazing and even oversize doors, MasterLine 8 achieves the required look and feel.

    This highly engineered system’s design and specification options are tailored to meet the project requirements. There is a choice of insulation levels, security requirements, acoustics, air and water tightness, and colours.

    MasterLine 8 comes in four design variants. Functional is the minimal-styled frame where the frame blends into the structure. Renaissance takes inspiration from heritage windows with a more classic line, Deco is the contemporary option, and Hidden Vent conceals any opening elements, reducing the visible frame lines.

    Three different insulation levels make this top-of-the-line system within the Reynaers aluminium windows suite capable of Passivhaus and low energy buildings. In addition, the weather sealing of this system goes beyond the already excellent capabilities of the other Reynaers window versions.

    In several versions, the system also integrates with some of the finest aluminium doors, including flush front doors, pivot doors, and modern patio doors.

    Industry Leading Reynaers aluminium windows by C&A Window Systems

    A premier Reynaers partner and manufacturer, C&A Window Systems can help architects, construction professionals, glazing installers, and end-user clients create better projects with Reynaers aluminium windows.

    Contact us today for more information, to get a quotation or let us help you create the best window and door specifications with the Reynaers System.

  • How to order Senior Architectural Commercial Doors

    When it comes to high-traffic aluminium doors for commercial environments such as schools, offices, and other commercial buildings, Senior Architectural commercial doors are some of the best.  These commercial door products, available thermally broken or non-thermal, have proven themselves as some of the best over many years.  Reliable heavy-duty doors designed for the intensive use they are subjected to daily.  Our guide to buying commercial doors explains everything you need to know.  

    Understanding the Senior Architectural commercial doors range 

    Senior Architectural Commercial doors in a cheltenham office building

    The two popular commercial door products we manufacture for the trade and construction sector are doors designed to work with a concealed or face fixed door closer and those used in high-traffic installations.  It’s also possible to use residential quality doors, in medium-duty commercial projects, such as balcony doors in care homes, where there may be several different users but not always the daily high traffic  

    Senior SD Commercial Door 

    senior architectural commercial doors in a modern church building

    The non-thermal Senior commercial door product and the oldest in the range is the SD Commercial Door.  This is a non-thermally broken system and, since its introduction some years ago, remains largely unchanged.   

    SD commercial doors use a pocket glazed system, using a main section with a clip-in flat or pocket plate.  The system is mechanically joined, easy to install and comes as centre hung doors with a concealed closer and threshold pivot.  A rebated frame version also uses a face-fixed overhead closer and door hinges.   

    The anti-finger trap model has the centre-hung design but a radiused stile on the hinge side, closing the gap between the pivot point of the door and the inside of the door frame – potentially a finger trap situation for children.  Whilst there is no legal requirement to fit anti-finger trap doors, it is one of the most popular products and is seen as the responsible choice, especially in schools.  

    The door system itself comprises ten different door stiles, standard or deep door rails, several threshold options, single or double glazing beads and a host of associated profiles to customise the door as required.  

    Senior SPW 501 Commercial Doors 

    senior SF52 curtain walling in a new school

    Introduced to address the need for a commercial door with a thermal break in the range of Senior Architectural commercial doors is the SPW 501 model.  SPW501 retains the frame and pocket plate design of SD but also has one-piece profiles.  All primary profiles have a polyamide thermal insert.  

    We manufacture Senior SPW 501 doors as centre hung and anti-finger trap single or double doors with associated fixed framing either as sidelights and toplights or standalone ground floor screens.  It’s only available as a double-glazed system.  For most property projects it is the SPW 501 that is the most popular.  SD can be used where insulation is not required and can also be used as internal screens and partitions.  

    How to choose Senior Architectural commercial doors 

    The choice of which of the Senior Architectural commercial doors to specify in your project depends on:  

    • The choice of insulated or non-insulated 
    • The door function and location 
    • The glazing type required in the door 

    Commercial doors are designed for so many uses, that this is probably the deciding factor in whether to choose the SD model or SPW501.  Doors to most buildings will benefit from the thermally insulated profiles.  However, if your project requires doors to plant rooms, bike or bin stores, or internal partition doors such as a reception screen, the non-insulated is suitable.  

    If there is a requirement for single glazing, SD Commercial Doors are the only product still available with single glazed beads.  Aluminium louvres in plant room doors are ventilated by nature, so the non-thermal design makes sense here.  

    Understanding the diversity of Senior commercial aluminium doors

    From its original concept over four decades ago, commercial aluminium doors are designed for multiple uses in all manner of buildings.  So, whilst the doors remain the same, the vast choice of hardware makes every door unique.   If you have a requirement for the doors in your project to have a specific function, contact us for help and advice.  

    Entrance Doors

    senior architectural commercial doors in a pub and restaurant

    A popular use for these doors is entrance doors.  When combined with a hook or bar bolt, the centre hung design, no rebate around the frame and flat threshold mean Senior Architectural commercial doors have the facility to open both in and out.  As a result, they are perfect for shop doors, lobby doors and any application where traffic can go both ways.  Of course, we also make these for single action, opening in or out.  

    Also available with commercial doors is a substantial choice of even higher security locking and access control.  Commercial doors are ideal as the main entrance to flats and apartments, where entry and exit control are essential for security.  Add magnetic locks to these doors, and the security becomes even better.   Access control lets authorised users to enter and exit the building but prevents unauthorised entry.   

    Commercial doors, therefore, are compatible with buzz entry systems, key or swipe cards, keypad locks and all manner of hardware designed to keep the door closed at most times. 

    Fire exit and general exit doors

    silver Senior Architectural commercial doors to a modern cladded office

    Another popular use for Senior Architectural commercial doors is secure yet safe fire exit doors or doors intended to provide an easy exit from a building.  We manufacture our doors with a wide range of panic bars, push to exit handles and other suitable hardware.  

    Not to be confused with fire doors (providing fire protection), commercial fire-exit doors allow safe and easy exit from a building in the event of a fire.  We can provide these doors to act only as exit doors.  Or they can be provided with suitable hardware letting them function as regular access doors during the day.  

    For push bar or push pad exit, Senior Architectural commercial doors suit the industry-wide range of push to exit handles, buzz exit systems, lever exit handles and thumbturns.  Therefore, they provide a convenient and safe exit to commercial and public buildings where the public has an obvious way to use the door.  

    Automatic sliding and hinged doors 

    senior automatic commercial doors in a motorway services

    Senior Architectural commercial doors also make ideal automatic doors, whether full time or manual opening, with the option of automatic override.  The advantage of automatic commercial doors is their instant compliance with accessibility requirements or where you want to provide the convenience of a fully automatic door set.  

    The system comes with a purpose-designed deeper frame head extrusion for automatic sliding or hinged doors.  This large profile is designed to accept the fixing of a power door closer or a fully automatic sliding door opening system with sensor control.  

    We prepare the doors to suit the intended operator if you require automatic doors.  To make your doors correctly, we will need to know the brand and further information so the door can be prepared to suit it.  Popular automatic door closers include Dorma, Besam, Geze, Stanley, Rekord, etc.  

    Commercial doors for specific uses 

    Finally, is the versatility of Senior Architectural commercial doors for specific uses.  The simple yet effective construction of the door leaves and associated framing creates glazed, panelled, or aluminium louvre doors for specific uses.  They are used for storeroom doors, laboratory doors, aluminium insulated panels with a glass vision area, and the earlier plant room doors.  Other uses include cycle store doors with keypad access, substation doors, doors in gyms and sports halls and warehouse doors.  

    High quality Senior Architectural commercial doors – find out more today 

    At C&A Window Systems, we help installers, architects, and specifiers with the right commercial doors for their building projects.  Contact us today with your requirements, and let us help you with the right door type and hardware.  All our commercial doors come with our precision manufacturing and extensive colour choice, carefully delivered and ready for site installation.  

  • Alutech bifolding doors – everything you need to know

    One of the newest products in our diverse range of aluminium doors are Alutech bifolding doors.  Slimmer than most other folding sliding doors on the market and fully compliant with the June 2022 revised Part L of the Building Regulations, Alutech bifolding doors are perfect for residential property renovations, new extensions and even as a reliable solution in cafes, bars, and restaurants.  Here is everything you need to know about this latest generation folding sliding door. 

    Alutech bifolding doors – one of the slimmest on the market 

    alutech bifolding doors open with patio views

    One of the best features in our Alutech bifolding doors, and an important requirement with many buyers are the mullion dimensions on the closed doors.  And here, this product is one of the slimmest on the market with a sightline of just 100mm.  

    It’s our slimmest bifold in our range and provides larger glass panels, better views and reduced visible aluminium.  Another benefit of more glass is even better energy efficiency with a B Energy Rating and meeting the requirements of June 2022 Part L.  

    You will find Alutech bifolding doors slimmer than other mid-range brands such as Smart Systems Visofold 100, Aluk doors, the Origin brand, and many others.  

    Here is how the Alutech BF73 bifold compares with our other brands in terms of Mullion sightlines: 

    • Alutech BF73 100mm 
    • Senior Architectural Ali Fold 123mm 
    • Reynaers CF68 131mm  

    Another benefit of choosing this brand for bifolding doors is its styling as an excellent steel-look bifold.  With most bifolding doors in the heritage or steel style being otherwise standard bifold but with applied powder coated slim bars on the glass.  The slimmer the bifold at the mullion, the better it looks.   

    Larger door panel sizes with Alutech BF73 bifolds 

    Helping your residential or commercial clients create bigger bifolds are the impressive panel sizes.  With a maximum width of 1200mm wide and a maximum height of 3000mm high, Alutech bifolding doors meet the requirements of new extensions for bigger bifold doors and without the need for an intermediate steel and fixed window above.  

    Therefore, where the project calls for bigger than average bifolds, Alutech provides an excellent solution.  And again, the impressive size capability you will find with this product exceeds that of other leading brands at a more affordable price.  

    Another advantage of the larger panel capability is you can use Alutech bifolds as excellent single or double doors, going wider and taller than other conventional aluminium residential doors.  It’s another excellent selling point to these doors, where projects not only need hinged side or rear doors to match the bifolds, but where you would prefer a full door set without side or top panels. And the slim mullion sightlines make these slimmer than regular residential doors at the meeting mullion too. 

    An extensive choice of profile types and styles

    Cleverly designed to meet the requirements of both modern and more traditional property types, the Alutech bifold systems comprises a significant choice of different profiles.  Not only do these provide the right styling, but also ensure the system suits different applications, for example internal bifold doors or heavier-duty applications.  The system even allows the fabrication of fixed panels, again provide matching sightlines where the project requires picture windows beside the bifold.  

    In addition to the standard fully weathered track, you get a choice of a flush threshold for internal use and a lower-profile version, again where full weathering is not required. The ramp-type threshold can be considered for commercial door sets where the threshold needs to meet the requirements of BS8300 and Part M Building Regulations for accessibility.  

    For the sash profile, there is a 48mm slim sash or a 61.6mm standard model.  These both work with the 55mm transom section should the design call for a middle rail.  Five different cill section range from 90mm up to 230mm, meeting the needs of most retrofit or new build installations.  

    With many new build installations needing trickle ventilators, the system comprises a dedicated profile, 38mm high allowing most trickle vent models to sit neatly at the top of the frame. And there is a 20mm head adaptor, acting as a frame extension.  

    The same choice extends to the door hardware, with numerous profiles designed to customise Alutech bifolding doors.  Hoppe and Vivoshort handles operate master and intermediate panels.  These come in White, Black, Grey RAL 7016, Chrome, and Brushed Satin finishes.  

    One of the most fitter-friendly bifolding doors 

    The adjustable frame jamb you get with Alutech bifolding doors makes the final adjustment of the door set as well as the overall installation a breeze.  

    The optional adjustable jamb feature provides +/- 4mm of adjustment on either side of the bifold.  Even better this adjustment is available for a competent person well-after the install, should the doors require routine adjustment in the future. All that is needed to make the most of this useful feature is an Allen key. 

    Where you can use Alutech bifolding doors

    This versatile and well-designed folding sliding system is perfect for the replacement of old doors and of course in a newly built opening.  The systems features a 73mm deep outer frame, meaning door replacements have minimal disruption to internal plaster lines. It’s just as convenient to fit Alutech bifolding doors in a new opening too.  

    Available from two up to seven panels, a fixed corner design and matching hinged doors as well as a choice of frame and sash profile styles.  Quality hardware such as a six-point locking system with star-rated cylinder, excellent door sealing, high security and professionally applied powder coated colours all come as standard. There is also a high security upgrade option meeting the requirements of PAS24.  

    Get a quote today for trade supply bifolding doors 

    It’s easy to get a fast quotation, lead times and more information on the latest addition to our range of folding sliding systems.  Alutech bifolds are supplied unglazed or with the glass units, double or triple and integral glass blinds.