A complete guide to Reynaers Sliding Doors

Whether you’re looking to replace a dated set of patio doors or need the most suitable ones for an extension, Reynaers sliding doors are some of the best. The brand reputation, profile and design quality, and exemplary specifications make Reynaers sliding doors ideal for any setting.

In this guide to the full Reynaers range of sliding patio doors, we tell you about the different products, where they differ and where you might want to consider them for your home improvement project.

An overview of the Reynaers sliding doors range

The sliding patio doors collection by Reynaers comprises six different models. These all provide different sightlines, styling, functionality and specifications. Moreover, whichever sliding door you choose does give you some features as standard.

All Reynaers aluminium doors come with insulated aluminium profiles, a flawless powder coated finish and made by us at C&A Window Systems, first class manufacturing quality, fit and finish. You’ll find double and triple glazing available across most products and premium locking features.

Your choice of sliding door depends on a few factors as all models differ.

  • The configuration of your doors and how many panels slide
  • The sightlines you prefer, standard, slim or ultra-slim
  • Whether your doors are for standard or larger opening sizes
  • If an open corner design is required
  • The budget allowed for the glazing element of a project

Reynaers CP130

reynaers cp130 sliding doors in a modern villa

When you need a high quality aluminium sliding door but at a more mid-range price, Reynaers CP130 is comes highly recommended. This model suits more standard openings, available at a height of up to 2.7m high. You can choose an inline or lift and slide operation and the choice of a single, double or triple track. They also come in an open corner design.

Key Features of the CP130:

  • Panel sizes up to 2600mm wide and 2700mm high
  • Interlock/Mullion sightline 69mm or 98mm
  • Inline or lift and slide model
  • Lowest U-Value of 1.1Wm2K
  • Single, double or triple tracks and open corner

Reynaers CP155

luxury home with bronze reynaers cp155 sliding doors

The CP155 sliding door is your go-to door when you want similar features to the CP155 but with higher specifications. The panels sizes go wider and taller, U-Values are lower and the door suits specifications often required for low energy buildings.

Key Features of the CP155:

  • Panel sizes up to 2700mm wide and 3000mm high
  • Interlock/Mullion sightline 76mm or 102mm
  • Inline or lift and slide model
  • Even lower best U-Value of 1.07Wm2K
  • Single or double tracks on standard insulation models

Reynaers CP68

One of the more recent products in the Reynaers sliding doors range is CP68. Choose this door when you want smaller profile sightlines, the latest high specifications or minimal visible aluminium with its slim mullion. You also get the legendary Reynaers insulation and weather protection. CP68 is designed for more standard size door openings and is delivered fully glazed.

Key Features of the CP68:

  • Panel sizes up to 2500mm high
  • Interlock/Mullion sightline 34mm
  • Inline sliding model, with wraparound design.
  • U-Values vary depending on the profile combination chosen
  • Single, double or triple tracks

Reynaers MasterPatio

reynaers masterpatio sliding doors in a living room with lake view

The newest contemporary sliding door solution for modern homes and where maximum use of glass is essential to the project design, is served with Reynaers MasterPatio. Choose this door when you want even taller sliding doors with the slimmest possible frame profiles.

Key Features of the Reynaers MasterPatio:

  • Panel sizes up to 3000mm wide and 3600mm high
  • Interlock/Mullion sightline 50mm
  • Inline sliding model
  • Integrates with other Reynaers systems
  • Single or double tracks and open corner

Reynaers SlimPatio68

black reynaers sliding patio doors in a new home

Designed for reduced visible sightlines for new build openings only and with a concealed frame design. Reynaers SlimPatio 68 is ultra-slim, modern and aesthetically excellent. When you want minimal-looking sliding doors, SlimPatio 68 is ideal.

Key Features of the SlimPatio 68:

  • Panel sizes up to 2700mm high
  • Interlock/Mullion sightline 34mm
  • Inline sliding
  • Even lower best U-Value of 1.2Wm2K
  • Designed for new openings with a hidden frame

Reynaers Hi-Finity

hi finity reynaers sliding doors in a beach house

The top of the range product in the Reynaers sliding doors range is Hi-Finity. Hi-Finity as the desirable aesthetics of architectural glazing, minimalist hardware and everything about this door is designed to look sleek. It’s the perfect product for the high-end property project or discerning customer that wants a top-of-the-line sliding door for their project. These doors also come with automatic opening if required and at extreme sizes on the widths and heights.

Key Features of the Hi-Finity:

  • Panel sizes up to 3500mm wide and 4000mm high
  • Interlock/Mullion sightline 35mm
  • Inline sliding only
  • Even lower best U-Value of 1.0Wm2K
  • Single, double or triple tracks and open corner

How many sliding door tracks are best?

large Senior Architectural PURe slide doors with on a riverside house

The number of tracks you need on your patio door determine how many panels of the door set slide. Monorail is our single track offering where a two or three module sliding door has just one track with the door sliding behind a fixed panel.

The double or 2 rail option is suitable for two, three or four panel doors. Either of a two panel door set slides, Three panel doors can have two panels sliding to the middle or a central leaf behind a fixed pane. Four panel doors can openings in a biparting way or each panel independently moving.

The triple track design suits three panel doors where all can stack on the one side.

Double or Triple Glazed Reynaers Sliding Doors – what is best?

There’s no doubt, today’s high performance double glazed units provide excellent insulation when combined with the thermally broken frames, excellent design and extensive sealing of Reynaers sliding doors.

With changes to the Building Regulations in 2022, new and replacement doors should be more energy efficient than ever before. Full information on the changes to Part L can be found here.

You can still meet the new Building Regulations by using high-performance double glazed units. Some products may require triple glazing – contact us for more information and advice on this.

However, triple glazing can offer these additional benefits over double glazing.

  • Better acoustics and overall sound insulation
  • Improved glass security with three panes of safety glass rather than two
  • Futureproofing your doors

Customising Reynaers sliding doors

Of course, a premium sliding door brand like Reynaers comes several personalisation options.

First of all is the choice of sliding door design, the number of panels and how you wish them to slide. Then comes the choice of colour and there are over 150 to choose from.

One of the best features about Reynaers patio doors is their handles and we think they are the best available of any sliding door on the market. Designed with luxurious materials in a choice of finishes and beautiful styling, the Contour range of handles by Reynaers are not only elegant to look at, but easy to use and complement the door perfectly.

Getting a low threshold on sliding doors

Any of the Reynaers sliding door models are available with a low track as the height of this is usually arranged with your builder or installer.

Some models come with a choice of tracks, again achieving a low or flush threshold without loss of weather protection. We can explain all the various options when you get in touch with us.

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